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Accessibility and Accommodations


Looking for Accommodations?

Student Development also provides college accommodations and works to ensure that the UACCM campus is accessible and inclusive to all students.

Nineteen percent of undergraduates in 2015-16 reported having a disability (National Center for Education Statistics).

Eligibility and Documentation

Students needing college accommodations are encouraged to register as soon as they’re admitted. There is no automatic referral from high school or the Admissions office. To ensure eligibility, students should submit documentation in their initial appointment. Documentation should be current (usually no more than 3 years old), verify the diagnosis and severity of the disabling condition by a qualified professional, and describe how the impairment limits major life activities in an educational setting.

Each student has unique needs and a staff member of the office of Student Development will work with each student to develop an accommodation plan to provide equal access and opportunity. A student’s personal story and documentation are reviewed to determine eligibility and appropriate services.

To ensure that accommodations are in place, contact us to set up an initial appointment to discuss needs and review documentation.