UACCM Student Student Development Accessibility and Accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get help with accessibility issues and accommodations?

The office of Student Development, located on the 2nd floor of the Business Technology Center (BTC) in Room 204, is where students can go to talk to a specialist about options for accessibility and accommodations.

I had resource and modifications in high school. Will I automatically get services in college?

No, they will not continue or be automatic. You have to apply for services through the office of Student Development. Documentation will be reviewed and it will be determined if accommodations are in order. Colleges are not required to provide any accommodations that fundamentally alter the nature of a class. In addition, the accommodations may not be the same at college.

My parents have always been involved. What happens now?

The college sees you, the student, as an adult responsible for college decisions. The Student Development staff will assist you in becoming a self-advocate and will help you develop skills so that you can explain your needs as a learner to your instructors.

What is the purpose of accommodations in college?

Reasonable accommodations are provided in college not to guarantee success, but to provide access and equal opportunity. UACCM provides accommodations for students with disabilities in order to ensure that students have an equal access to the information provided and appropriate means for exhibiting their knowledge/learning of the material. Accommodations also allow students with disabilities to fully participate in all UACCM programs, services and activities.

I think I might have a learning disability. How can I find out for sure?

The presence of a learning disability must be determined by a qualified professional through extensive evaluation and testing. Student Development staff may refer you to qualified examiners. Expenses for the testing are the student’s responsibility. If a student is a client of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) some of this evaluation may be conducted through ARS.

How do my instructors get notified of my accommodations?

An accommodation letter is issued to you once the required documentation has been reviewed and reasonable accommodations are determined. The accommodations will be in place as soon as you take the form to the instructor for signature and the signed form is returned to office of Student Development.

When do I request accommodation letters?

Since different classes may require different accommodations, you must request accommodations on a semester-by-semester, course-by-course basis.

Will UACCM provide a personal aide or assistant?

Colleges are not required to provide personal attendant care services to students with disabilities. You will need to secure and contract a personal assistant on your own.

What if I need a sign language interpreter?

UACCM will provide sign language interpreters for students who have a documented auditory disability that necessitates interpreter services. Interpreters are hard to locate, making it critical that you contact the office of Student Development well in advance of the beginning of a semester.

Are there any scholarships for students with disabilities?

Generally, no, there are not federally-funded scholarship or loan programs targeted specifically for students with disabilities. However, there may be funds available through local, regional or state charitable organizations. If you are not a client of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS), you may want to apply for services through ARS to see if you are eligible and could receive support. The HEATH Resource Center produces a helpful financial aid guide to scholarship and other funding resources.

Can I get disability services if I have a temporary impairment?

Students with a temporary disability may apply for disability services and complete the intake process. Accommodations are approved on an individual basis. If needed, you may also apply for a temporary state disability parking permit through the Arkansas Revenue Department.

What if I need my textbooks in a different format?

  1. 2 months before the semester begins, contact the the office of Student Development to request books.
  2. Submit your class schedule and the title, author, edition and ISBN of the books, as soon as possible.
  3. Purchase each book and provide proof of purchase to the office of Student Development.
  4. Check out the alternative e-book(s) from the office of Student Development.
  5. Return the e-book(s) to the office of Student Development at the end of the semester.

I have problems with mathematical calculations. Can I use a calculator for my math?

It depends. Higher math classes require the use of a particular calculator. Calculators are also allowed on admission tests that do not test basic arithmetic. Students with learning disabilities are allowed to use calculators on all mathematics tests except those tests involving arithmetic calculations and fundamental computations.

I may have to miss class a lot. Will my instructors excuse me?

Probably not. In college, the student is responsible for his/her work and keeping up with it. Each faculty member will have a personal interpretation of the attendance policy. The law does not require that an excused absence be a reasonable accommodation. Even if you are absent for legitimate medical reasons, you may lose points in your grade or fail, depending on the class attendance policy.