UACCM Student Tutoring Services Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this one-on-one tutoring?

Multiple students are being assisted at one time and on an as needed basis. Learning Center tutors rotate from table to table checking on students and briefly helping them when requested.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Currently no appointment is needed; just drop-in.

Is there a fee for anything?

Learning Center usage and tutoring assistance is FREE for all UACCM students. No extra fees!

Where is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is located in the Library Complex building room LC 102.

Is there a limit on Learning Center usage?

No. You can come as often as you want and stay as long as you want. Lots of students make it part of their routine to come in the Learning Center and complete their homework multiple times each week. The average length of stay is about one hour. Keep in mind at peak usage time tutors must help all students briefly; so be patient and allow extra time.

What do I need to bring?

Bring all needed course materials: laptop, notes, calculator, paper, and pencil. Also helpful is your laptop charger and ear buds or headphones in case you need to watch some videos of example problems.

What resources are in the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is an active learning environment encouraging all learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. We have science models and study materials, math manipulatives, visual key concept posters & PDFs, videos of example problems, live personal assistance, and lots of whiteboards of all sizes (even some with grids for graphing) with various colored markers for students to use. There are also calculators, laptops, and charging cables available for use within the Learning Center.

Can I just come to the Learning Center and do my homework?

Yes. You don't have to need help on anything specific. Assistance is just there if you need it or want a concept explained in a different way. Also, group space is usually available for multiple students to work together. So, plan a meet up or study session to work with other students. Talking about concepts with others really helps you learn it better.  Keep in mind it is YOUR homework. The Learning Center tutors will not do it, nor work your math problems to make sure you have them correct. Tutors will model with practice and review problems and guide you in concept mastery.

What does ON-CAMPUS mean?

The Learning Center offers exclusive ON-CAMPUS assistance hours. UACCM students only may drop-in the Library Complex room 102 for in person help during the designated hours. No appointment is needed and multiple students are being helped at the same time. Just walk on in and sit anywhere. The Learning Center staff will sign you in and out.

What does ONLINE mean?

The Learning Center occasionally offers ONLINE assistance by appointment for specific courses and subjects. UACCM students only may request an online appointment by emailing or calling the Coordinator of Tutoring Services. A link to the online tutoring will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your appointment. Just click to join at the scheduled time. PLEASE USE CHROME and allow access to your microphone. Sharing video is unnecessary; so, no need to get fancied up. Headphones or earbuds are very helpful at reducing background noise.

My question is not answered here.

Contact the Learning Center if you have any other questions.