UACCM Student Department of Public Safety

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is the campus law enforcement agency. All individuals on the UACCM campus are required to follow applicable federal, state, and local laws, as well as the regulations established by the College. The Department of Public Safety personnel cooperate with local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities in the enforcement of all laws and regulations.

General Provisions

  • Students and employees of UACCM may operate a motor vehicle on the College campus provided:
    • The operator has a valid driver’s license;
    • The vehicle being operated on the campus is legally licensed;
    • The vehicle is registered with the Campus Police Department;
    • The operator of the vehicle abides by the traffic and parking regulations of the College;
    • It is understood that registration neither obligates the College to set aside a parking space for every vehicle registered nor permits the driver to violate parking or traffic regulations.
  • The College assumes no responsibility for a private vehicle or its contents.
  • A traffic ticket or other communication on the vehicle from the College is an official notice. A recipient who does not comply with such a communication is subjecting himself/herself to disciplinary action.
  • The College reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of any vehicle on the College campus if the operator violates parking and traffic regulations, or otherwise abuses the privilege of operating and parking a vehicle on the UACCM campus.
  • Vehicles will be towed from campus at the owner’s expense when:
    • The vehicle is parked on the UACCM campus after privileges have been revoked;
    • The vehicle is parked in a handicapped space (without proper permit), is blocking or partially blocking an entrance or loading zone, is blocking or partially blocking a street or driveway, is blocking or partially blocking sidewalks or cross-walks, is parked on the lawn, or is otherwise hindering the flow of traffic and/or parking.
    • The operator ignores communication from the College concerning improper parking of his/her vehicle.
  • A student’s traffic/parking record with the College must be cleared before the Registrar’s Office can release his/her records.

Vehicle Registration

  • All students and employees of the College who operate vehicles and park on the UACCM campus are required to register their vehicle with the UACCM Campus Police Department.
  • Vehicle license number, make, model, year, and color are required for registration.
  • There is no fee for registration.
  • Student vehicles should be registered at the same time students register for classes.
  • All vehicles an individual plans to operate on the campus must be registered.
  • Students will be issued a parking permit at no charge at the time their vehicle is registered. The permit MUST be displayed on the left rear bumper or the left side of the rear window.
  • Employees of the College receive a parking permit which must hang from the rear view mirror when parking on campus.

Parking Area Assignments

  • Parking - Registered vehicles may park in all marked parking spaces except those marked for the handicapped parking (handicapped parking is by permit only) or spaces otherwise reserved (as marked by appropriate signage).
  • Handicapped Parking - Areas signed and/or marked for handicapped parking are exclusively reserved for vehicles legally and properly displaying a handicapped parking permit issued by the State of Arkansas. Vehicles using the handicapped parking space (regardless of permit) should be transporting the handicapped individual the permit was issued to assist.
  • Restricted Parking - The College reserves and marks with signage a limited number of “15 Minute Parking” and “Visitor” parking spaces near the entrance of the University Center. UACCM students or employees parking their vehicles and failing to observe the time limitation or “Visitor” designation will subject themselves to a parking violation.
  • UA Cooperative Extension Service Parking – The College reserves and marks with signage a limited number of parking spaces for visitors to the UA Cooperative Extension Service near the entrance of the Kirk Building. Students and employees parking their vehicles in these spaces and failing to observe the limitation indicated will subject themselves to a parking violation.

Driving Regulations

  • Speed limit signs are posted and must be adhered to all times, except when conditions indicate a slower speed is necessary.
  • All regulatory signs and pavement markings must be observed.
  • Yield to pedestrians at all times.


  • Vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of a single marked parking space.
  • No parking is permitted on the lawn, in driveways or loading zones, or areas which are not marked for parking.
  • Double parking and parking on the wrong side of the street are violations at all times.
  • If a vehicle is improperly parked, attended or unattended, the driver is in violation.
  • Without a proper permit, parking in a handicapped space or other marked reserve parking space is a violation.
  • Vehicles in violation of parking regulations are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
  • All vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times.

Penalties for Violation of Parking and Traffic Regulations

Individuals charged with violations of the UACCM Parking and Traffic Regulations shall be issued fines for the following violations:


  • No Parking Permit Displayed on Vehicle—$30
  • Failure to Stop or Yield Right-of-Way—$30
  • Reckless/Unsafe Driving—$30
  • Parking in a Handicapped Space without Decal or Authorization—$50
  • Double Parking/Blocking Street or Restricted Area—$30
  • Parking in a “No Parking” Area—$30
  • Parking in a Reserved Area or Visitors Area—$30
  • Driving and/or Parking on Grass—$30
  • Parking on the Wrong Side of Street—$30
  • Parking over the Marked Line—$30
  • Improper Display of Permit—$30
  • Parking in a Fire Lane—$30
  • U-Turn—$30
  • Exceeding Posted Speed Limit—$30
  • Other—$30

Fines may be paid at the Student Accounts window located in the University Center during normal working hours: 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Students and employees may appeal a parking or traffic violation fine within five working days of the issue date of the ticket by completing the appeal form available from the Vice Chancellor for Student Services. Appeals received after the five days will be voided, and the violator must pay the appropriate fine.