Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Due to the potential for legal action against the institution and/or person(s) responsible for committing copyright infringement, University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton (UACCM) students and employees who violate the rights of copyright owners beyond the limited uses granted by the fair use exemption or any other exemption detailed in the Copyright Act and its amendments may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Copyright infringement is the act of exercising, without permission or legal authority, one or more of the exclusive rights granted to the copyright owner under the Copyright Act. In the file-sharing context, downloading or uploading substantial parts of a copyrighted work without authority constitutes an infringement.

Questions regarding copyright can be addressed to the Library Director. The final authority concerning UACCM student and employees compliance with copyright law rests with the UACCM Administration and the University of Arkansas System lawyers.

The Copyright Act of October 19, 1976 (Title 17 of the United States Code, Public Law 94-553, 90 Statute 2541) [1] provides protection for original works of authorship. A special exemption called “Fair Use” is outlined in §107. Fair use allows for the public to make limited uses of copyrighted work, especially for advancing knowledge.

Civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for violation of federal copyright laws.