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Computer Usage

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Computer Usage Policy

UACCM computer accounts are allocated a limited amount of space on the network server. If this space is filled, the user will no longer be able to save files or send and receive mail. Individual users must delete their mail periodically. UACCM representatives reserve the right to periodically delete mail and files.

The following actions are not permitted at UACCM or from UACCM Systems either on or off campus:

  • Permitting another person to use your account, sharing your password or pin, accessing another person's account, or attempting to access another user’s account.
  • Using UACCM's computer systems to impersonate, deceive, or defraud another user.
  • To view, transmit, execute, or store messages, images, or material that is threatening, abusive, profane, malicious, pornographic, obscene, racist, discriminatory, sexually explicit, harassing, slanderous, sexist, offensive, bullying, or of a stalking nature.
  • Using, pirating, or copying computer software, music, images, or other copyrighted material in a manner which violates U.S. copyright laws or software vendor licenses.
  • Using computer resources to transmit solutions or answers to class assignments other than to the instructor.
  • Any activity which would cause another user to lose their computer privileges or affect their grades or employment.
  • Using computer resources for personal profit, commercial business, gambling, pornography, or for political purposes is prohibited.
  • Any attempt to compromise the security at UACCM or any other site.
  • Any activity which would negatively affect the performance of the network including wireless.
  • Chatting and playing games on the Internet and computer systems is prohibited unless related to employee’s job or student’s coursework.
  • Installing software or copying files to any of UACCM's computers without permission by an instructor (students) and the IT Department (employees.) This includes installing programs that come with textbooks, games, computer browsers, merchant coupons, and messenger services.
  • Unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) sent to all students or a large group of individuals is not permitted unless it is being sent by college approved clubs, employees regarding college related fund raisers or activities with the approval of their supervisor, or the administration. All mass mailing to the students by clubs must be approved by the club sponsor, Vice Chancellor of Student Services, or the IT Department.
  • Spoofing or obscuring the true identity of the sender of any e-mail message, computer account, or signature line.
  • Changing the settings on any computer equipment, electronic equipment, or software applications.
  • Advertising items for sale or trade for personal profit including textbooks.
  • Any attempt to intercept or decode passwords; attempt to damage files, software, or equipment; using or installing hacker programs or files such as crackers, monitors, sniffers, or any other hacking tool is prohibited.
  • Any activity that violates federal, state, or local laws.
  • Using computer systems or email as a public forum to broadcast religious or political beliefs. This includes transmitting political and religious documents and signature lines with quotations that might be offensive to other political, religious, or non-religious individuals. This is in the interest of remaining fair and unbiased to all political and religious affiliations.
  • Exiting a computer lab or classroom while you are still logged in. Individuals must log off if leaving the labs/classrooms even if it is just for a few minutes.
  • Doing any kind of hardware modifications or connections to any equipment belonging to UACCM. This includes opening computer cases and altering the computer cables.
  • Physically plugging a laptop or any personal device into the college’s network lines. Personal devices may only access the network through wireless connections.
  • Social Security Numbers listed in unencrypted e-mail messages is prohibited.
  • Performing any of the above actions with personal computers, laptops, cell phones, or any other personally owned electronic device. Individuals who use personal devices agree to abide by the computer usage policy while on the UACCM campus. Violations on campus may result in the confiscation of the device by the IT Department or Campus Police.
  • Streaming video, music, or radio channels is prohibited unless required by employee’s job or student’s coursework.
  • Employees are prohibited from downloading their e-mail to their smartphone or other personally owned device unless the device is password or passcode protected.

Violation of this policy may be grounds for permanent loss of the privilege to use UACCM'S computer resources, and additional disciplinary action when appropriate. Since owners of computer accounts are responsible for all activities, which take place in their accounts, all account holders are to never share their password with others. If you suspect someone else has accessed your account it is your responsibility to notify the IT Department.

Individuals taking certain computer courses will be assigned a folder where their homework can be stored. Your instructor will have access rights to these files for grading purposes. All files saved on the network should only be for your class.

The use of the computer resources is a privilege not a right. E-mail and Internet usage is for educational interchange, research, or campus business. All messages and files are the property of UACCM and are available for review by authorized institutional representatives. UACCM reserves the right to disclose messages to law enforcement or other third parties without notifying any of the parties to the messages or files.