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Veterans Benefits Comparison of Education Programs

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Ch. 33

Ch. 30

Ch. 35

Ch. 1606

Ch. 1607


Eligibility criteria is complex. The following statements are general snippets about eligibility criteria. Students should complete an application for benefits so the Regional Processing Office can determine if they are eligible and the conditions of his/her eligibility.

Servicepersons who served on active duty for at least 90 aggregate days after 09/10/01.

2 years active duty, 3 years active duty, or 2 years active duty plus 4 years reserves.

Veteran’s death or permanent and total disability result of service.

Completion of initial active duty for training. Must be an active reservist with 6-year obligation.

90 days or more active duty support of contingency operation or full- time National Guard duty responding to
national emergency.

Benefits for In- Service Student

Refer to the specific benefit for detailed information

Eligible after completing 90 days of aggregate service.

Payable after 2 continuous active duty.





48 months maximum under two or more programs

36 months. May extend to the end of term if expires during term. Note: If there is a kicker, the kicker does not extend.

36 months. May extend to the end of term if expires during term. Note: If there is a kicker, the kicker does not extend.

45 months.
No extensions except for child in special restorative training.

36 months. No extensions.

36 months. No extensions.

Delimiting Date

15 years from last discharge or separation

10 years from last discharge or separation.

May extend for later period of active duty or disability that prevents completion of program.

Child: 8 year
Spouse: 10 years. 20 years of vet rated permanent and total within 3 years of discharge.
Surviving Spouse: 10 years. 20 years if death while on active.

Eligibility rules are complex. Claimant should carefully read eligibility letter and call VA if he/she has questions or see online DEA pamphlet.

14 years from our beginning date of eligibility, or on the day, you leave the Selected Reserve.

May extend if disability incurred or aggravated by service in selected reserve prevents completion of program.

10 years from the separation date if separated after completing service contract and discharge is not dishonorable.

10 years from
Chapter 1607 eligibility date if separated for disability.

A Decision with Consequences

Your decision to apply for certain education benefits could affect your eligibility for other benefits. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • If you are eligible for more than one education benefit, such as the Post-9/11 GI Gill and the Montgomery GI Bill®, you must choose which benefits to receive. A decision that is final and cannot be changed.
  • If you are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill® and two or more additional education benefits, you must give up one of the additional education benefits. However, you may remain eligible for the benefit or benefits you did not give up.