UACCM Employee E-Mail Signature Policy

All UACCM employees are required to have standardization with their e-mail signature that will be used for all e-mail messages. The purpose of this standardization is to prevent quotations (no matter how innocent that they may seem) that are personal, political, religious, racist, jokes, or other viewpoints that might be considered offensive by other individuals. Signatures should look professional and represent the college and the views of the college, not personal viewpoints. The creation of this policy will help protect the employee and the college from legal action by other groups that might interpret a quotation on a signature line as inappropriate.

The preferred e-mail signature will resemble the UACCM business cards and include the UACCM mission statement. The following items are permitted in the e-mail signature:

  • UACCM Logo
  • Business Card Layout
  • Employee’s Name
  • Job Title
  • Address
  • Office Location
  • Phone Numbers
  • E-mail Address
  • UACCM Social Media Icons and/or links for the College (homepage, portal, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)
  • UACCM Mission Statement

Signatures may include all of the items above or any portion. Although the UACCM business card layout with the mission statement is encouraged, it is acceptable for a person not to use a signature line for in-house correspondence. No other items including pictures and quotations are permitted in the signature. Any deviation from the policy can result in disciplinary action if violations are not resolved properly and in a timely manner.