Professional Licensure


Federal regulations require the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton (UACCM) to disclose whether its degree programs meet U.S. jurisdictions’ educational requirements for licensure (34 CFR 668.43(a)(6) & 34 CFR 668.72(n)).

The UACCM academic programs listed below are designed to prepare students for a career in a licensed profession upon completion of the program. A professional license is typically required for graduates of these programs to practice and/or gain employment in these fields. UACCM delivers all programs that lead to professional licensure in a classroom and/or lab setting. None of these programs are delivered online.

Each state and territory have different professional licensure and certification requirements. Other licensure requirements may include professional examinations, background checks, years of work experience, fingerprinting requirements, etc.

Prospective and current students should also keep in mind that licensing and authorization requirements vary by state and that relocating during the course of a program to another state could impact whether they can continue in the course, meet the eligibility requirements of that state, and/or receive financial aid funding.