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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the best ways to stay informed with what is going on at UACCM?

All students should sign up for the UACCM Emergency Alert System early in their first semester. This system allows campus administrators to quickly communicate with students via text messaging and phone call in the event of an urgent situation on campus. To sign up for the Emergency Alert System, please log into the My UACCM Portal with your user ID and password. Select the Emergency Alert tab and follow the instructions for submitting your emergency contact information.

To stay informed on all UACCM-sponsored activities, students with smart devices should download the "UACCM" app from the App Store on iOS or Google Play store on Android. A list of events is maintained within the app and notifications are sent using the app as the time of an event approaches.

Students can also follow UACCM on their most commonly used social media platforms for event announcements, updates, features, pictures, videos, and more from the College. UACCM can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Flickr.

When is my tuition due?

Tuition and fees are due by the beginning of the semester.

Where Do I go to get my grades?

Campus Connect allows students to access their midterm and final grades with ease. Currently enrolled students can access Campus Connect by logging in to the My UACCM Portal.

What is the My UACCM Portal?

The My UACCM Portal, often referred to as simply "the Portal", is the central hub for enrolled students to access their classes through Blackboard or account information through CampusConnect. Helpful information can also be found on different department links throughout the Portal.

What is the Online Learning Management System at UACCM?

UACCM uses Blackboard learning management system to deliver online content for classes. Student Username is first initial + middle initial + lastname + last three numbers of student id and password: First initial (uppercase) + entire StudentID. Computer/email/Portal/Blackboard accounts won't be available until the first day of classes/orientation.

Do I have a school email address?

A UACCM e-mail account is available to all currently enrolled students. Accounts for first-time entering or returning students will be set up by the first day of classes. Your account will remain active between semesters as long as you are pre-registered for a following semester. Accounts for students who are no longer enrolled or pre-registered will be deleted soon after the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. All important campus information is distributed to students through their UACCM e-mail. Students must read Network Account Access Policies and email a completed copy of the the UACCM Network Access Form to the UACCM Help Center in order to gain access to campus email.

E-mail may be accessed online by visiting For login information and network account access forms and policies, visit the IT/Computer Info. tab on the Portal.

I'm considering taking courses online, what should I know?

UACCM delivers classes online using a few different methods; some of which require lots of self-discipline. See the Online Learning page for an explanation of these methods and a breakdown of what is required for these types of courses.

How will I know what computer will work best for classes at UACCM?

Visit the Technology Requirements page of the UACCM website to see a list of minimum requirements students should know for before purchasing a device for course work. Students may also check their current device's web browser for compatibility by visiting the Device Compatibility Checker page.

Who can I contact to help with computer issues or if I have trouble logging in to my UACCM accounts?

The Information Technology (IT) Help Center is on hand during office hours to assist students with many different computer-related issues. Students may drop by the Help Center in the Library Complex, Room 103 for face-to-face assistance or may contact the department by email at or by phone at 501-208-5312 for support. Students are also encouraged to visit the IT/Computer Info tab on the My UACCM Portal for information that may also help to answer technical questions.

Does UACCM provide a tutoring lab? Where are they?

Yes! the Academic Commons, located in the E. Allen Gordon Library in the Library Complex, offers a free tutoring lab in mathematics. Tutoring is provided both in person and online and is free of charge to all currently-enrolled students. Find tutoring schedules through the Tutoring Services tab on the Portal, or by going to the Academic Commons website. The Academic Commons also offers multiple science models to help anatomy and physiology students get hands-on experience before test day.

When is the library open?

The E. Allen Gordon Library located in the Library Complex provides students with physical and electronic library resource materials and is a quiet place to complete homework. Also known as Academic Commons, the hours can vary each semester but usually start before classes begin for the day and remains open until late. To view the current semester's hours, visit the Academic Commons website where you can also access eBooks and database articles anytime of the day or night.

What is X-Period?

The block of time from 12:05 to 12:55 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday in which no classes are scheduled is referred to as X-period. Student organization meetings and special events frequently take place during this time.

I need a certification of my enrollment at UACCM. How can I get one?

Students often need certification of enrollment for insurance or loan purposes. You can download a request form by clicking here, or you can obtain one from the Registrar’s Office. All requests must be returned to the Registrar’s Office. Requests are not processed until the registration cycle for the certifying period has closed. At least one working day is required to complete this request.

How do I drop a class?

Withdrawals made prior to the end of the registration period are not recorded on the student's permanent academic record, and withdrawals submitted after the registration period has ended will receive a grade of "W" (withdrawal) on the student's permanent academic record. To withdraw from a class, students will need to complete the Course Drop/Withdrawal Form and may be required to obtain several signatures to complete the process. For a full list of steps and/or to access the Drop/Withdrawal Form online, see the Course Add/Withdrawal section of the Registrar's page. Completed drop forms must be submitted by 4:00 pm of the published drop/withdrawal date.

How do I request that a transcript be sent to another school?

Students, former students, and alumni may request UACCM transcripts in person, for pick up by another person, or sent through the mail. For any of these options, students will need to complete a Transcript Request Form. For more information about the process of requesting transcripts and/or to obtain a Transcript Request Form online, see the Transcript Request section of the Registrar's page.

What if I'm having trouble transitioning to college life?

Students are not always prepared for college life. This may because of stressors inside or outside the classroom, a lack of clear career goals, or an inability to function within the parameters of the classroom. UACCM's department of Student Development can assist students with these issues through personal counseling, career planning, student readiness, and accessibility and accommodations. Student Development also hosts many group meet-ups which can help students reach their full potential.

How is the best way meet and get to know fellow students?

Being social and engaged in campus life is not only fun but can be beneficial for success throughout college and help build connections for future growth. UACCM helps facilitate connections outside the classroom through lounges and study areas, events, activities, and groups and clubs.

How can I find a job after school?

Looking for a job upon graduation can be a daunting task. Luckily, UACCM offers several services to make the search a little easier. The Student Development office is available to introduce students to available employment opportunities. Additionally, they can offer help with resumes and other important employment documents. For more information, drop the Student Development office to discuss your employment needs.

What services are available to students with children at home?

If childcare is a need, UACCM offers childcare services through the Earle Love Child Study Center located on campus. The Center has a Level Two Better Beginning rating awarded by DHS/Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.

Parents who are majoring in certain technical programs at UACCM may qualify for assistance through the Arkansas Career Pathways program. Career Pathways can offer free career training and college classes along with helping students overcome some other barriers such as help with childcare, transportation, books and supplies, and more.