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Applying for Graduation

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Applying for Graduation

Deadline for submission of spring graduation applications: Mid-November

Deadline for submission of summer or fall graduation applications: Mid-April

Note: Students planning to complete graduation requirements in the summer will have the option of participating in either the May or December commencement ceremonies. See the Academic Calendar or Registrar’s Portal Tab for the exact dates and times.

Candidates for graduation must apply to graduate by submitting an online Graduation Application the semester before the student expects to graduate. The application must be accompanied by a completed degree plan or a Degree Audit transcript.

Approval for all course substitutions and/or transfer courses not already posted to the student's transcript must be obtained using a Course Transfer/Substitution form, available through the advisor, and must include signatures of the student’s advisor, the program area dean, and the Vice Chancellor for Academics. Transfer students may also request up to 6 credit hours with a grade of “D” be transferred to UACCM and used to meet graduation requirements by submitting a Grade of “D” Transfer Request form to the Registrar’s Office in the University Center, Room 215.

Upon receipt of the application, the Registrar’s Office will review it to verify that the student will be eligible to graduate after the semester indicated on the application. The student and advisor will be notified if a determination is made that the student will be ineligible to graduate so that adjustments may be made to ensure graduation eligibility before students begin their final semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to submit my Graduation Application the semester before I will be graduating?

Graduation Applications are due early so that any issues that may make a student ineligible to graduate can be resolved before their final semester begins. Graduation Applications are also used to collect information about the student commencement participation intent, cap and gown size, etc., that we use to approximate the number of graduates expected at each ceremony, the number of cap and gowns to order, etc.

What if I do not get my Graduation Application submitted by the deadlines?

There is a final deadline available at the beginning of each fall and spring semester for students who did not pre-register for their final semester and for new or transfer students who initially enroll immediately prior to the start of the semester. The final deadline for fall graduation is the end of August, and the final deadline for May graduation is the end of January.

NOTE: Because students do not actually register for summer courses until mid-April, if a student want to participate in the May commencement ceremony, their summer graduation application should be submitted immediately after they enroll in their summer classes to make sure their name appears in the commencement program.

What if I am unable to meet with my advisor prior to the submission deadline?

If you are unable to meet with your advisor prior to the submission deadline, you may visit any of our full-time advisors in the Student Success Center located in the Business Technology Center, Room 200. They may sign the application for your advisor.

Why does the Graduation Application include personal information about my veteran status, height, and size?

UACCM orders graduation gowns in bulk by height and size. This information aids us in determining how many gowns of each size to order. If a graduate is a U.S. military veteran and participate in the commencement ceremony, they are given a Veteran Tribute Stole to be worn during the ceremony, which they may keep in gratitude for their military service.