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Last Updated: June 28, 2012


The Chancellor appoints staff members to the following committees, and the Faculty Senate appoints faculty members.

Academic Standards Committee

The Academic Standards Committee may recommend guidelines within the framework of the instructional policies concerning student admissions, probation, and suspension; consider student petitions regarding admissions, probation, or suspension in cases which deviate from these guidelines; recommend new polices and changes of existing policies concerning academic standards of students; encourage the maintenance of the academic integrity of the institution.

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Gary Battershell
  • Dane Blanchard
  • Danny Gifford
  • Anthony Holt
  • Mary Newsome
  • Juanita Owens
  • Clara Paquette
  • Leslie Parks

Academic Support Committee

The Academic Support Committee may assist the librarian and/or Student Success Lab coordinator in the following: determining needs for the library and/or lab, determining if each department’s needs are being met, and determining the necessary materials to be obtained to meet these needs.

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Michael Booty
  • Margie Fillinger
  • Leslie Gomes
  • Charles Harrell
  • Erick McCarthy
  • Sandra McDonald
  • Aaron Spivey

Policy Review Committee

The Policy Review Committee may review proposed policies submitted by the administration which are being considered for submission to the Board of Visitors.

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Leslie Edwards
  • Stephanie Ellis
  • Lisa Gunderman
  • Scott Hicks
  • Jennifer Masrtsolf
  • Traye McCool
  • Cynthia Minguez
  • Matthew White

Curriculum Review Committee

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Karen Caig
  • Wanda Hensley
  • Chris Holtz
  • Bobby Keeton
  • Nanette Lareau
  • John Southerland
  • Bobbi Yarbrough

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee may, within established guideline/criteria, select recipients of scholarships that are available at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton.

Appointments (Determine Awards)

  • Greg Benegar
  • Traci Caldwell
  • Dustin Canady
  • Patti Carson
  • Gwen Galloway
  • Tina Lake
  • Tom McLeod
  • David Plummer
  • Stacy Stracner, Ex-Officio

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee may plan and coordinate a calendar of social activities for the College. This committee also provides membership input into procedures concerning special events.

Appointments (Plan/Implement Emp. Social Functions)

  • Nanette Berry
  • Kimberly Bull
  • Lyndsey Daniel
  • Bobby DuVall
  • Leroy Gattin
  • Gina Guess-Welsh
  • James Harris
  • Kelley Roach
  • Sandra Sponer
  • Steve Wallace

Assessment Committee

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Pat Bailey
  • Debra Bittle
  • Shannah Cummings
  • Wanda Hensley
  • Vicky Lee
  • Cindy Minguez
  • Susan Pardee
  • Clara Paquette
  • Gretchen Schol
  • Kristi Strain
  • Diana Arn, Ex-Officio

Student Success Committee

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Diana Arn
  • Shannah Cummings
  • Deborah Donald
  • Stephanie Ellis (vice chair)
  • Lisa Gunderman
  • Curt Hippensteel
  • Linda Holland
  • Linda Jaramillo
  • Rachel Mullins (chair)
  • Kelley Roach
  • Charlotte Sax
  • Kristi Strain
  • Ray Trower
  • Shannon Vaughn (current Faculty Senate Pres.)
  • Stephen Wallace
  • Darren Jones, Ex-Officio

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee may review progress made on implementation of the Strategic Plan and suggest possible needed Action Plans. Three faculty members will be appointed to this committee as follows: one member from the Division of Professional Services and Applied Technology, one member from the Division of Health Science and Education, and one member from the Division of General Education.

Appointments (Review and Advise)

  • Diana Arn
  • Linda Birkner
  • Deborah Donald
  • Cande Jaramillo
  • Darren Jones
  • Ken Lee
  • Dana Strassle
  • Cindy Thompson
  • Ray Trower
  • Sherry Vowell
  • Chancellor—Ex-Officio