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Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Technical Certificate in Practical Nursing will be able to:

Effective Communication

  • Analyze/evaluate information.
  • Communicate ideas clearly and effectively in written format.

Information Literacy

  • Retrieve information through printed or electronic sources.
  • Analyze information through the use of appropriate technologies.

Ethics and Values

  • Demonstrate characteristics of a strong work ethic/accountability (soft skills, plagiarism).
  • Evaluate ethical dilemmas.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

  • Apply mathematical reasoning to quantitative information.

Technical Skills

  • Demonstrate problem solving-critical thinking approaches by means of utilizing the nursing process to individualize patient care.
  • Use ethical principles in nursing practice, conduct, and relationships with patients, staff, and families.
  • Identify with the values of the profession and incorporate them into nursing practice.
  • Promote a positive public image of nursing as a professional role model.
  • Apply concepts from the biological and behavioral sciences to the practice of nursing.
  • Utilize communication skills to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with patients, families, and staff.
  • Execute competencies required for beginning practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

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Practical Nursing Admission Requirements


  • In the semester prior to graduation, an FBI and Arkansas State Police background check must be submitted to the ASBN before students are allowed to sit for the NCLEX-PN® (national licensure exam).
  • Upon successful completion of the practical nursing program and successful completion of the NCLEX-PN® students can be employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies, public schools, mental health facilities, and industrial plants.


  • Because students should plan on studying most of the time, they should plan to work as little as possible.
  • Students required to take remedial courses must follow the UACCM Student Success Plan.


  • All students admitted to the Nursing program must read both Arkansas Nurse Practice Act, ACA §17-87-312 for criminal background checks and §17-3-102 for licensing restrations based on criminal recores and sign statements indicating that they understand that graduating from a nursing program in Arkansas does not assure the Arkansas State Board of Nursing’s approval to take the licensure examination.
  • All students should be aware that graduating from a nursing program in Arkansas does not assure the Arkansas State Board of Nursing’s approval to take the licensure examination. There is a possibility you could complete the nursing program, but be barred from taking board exams for licensure. Completion of the program does not guarantee you will be granted licensure to practice as a nurse.

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