Home testimonials

Becca Jones

"I chose to attend UACCM after my first visit because I knew it was more than just a college - it was a community. The faculty and staff know me on a first name basis and have truly made an impact on my life."

Rhonda Roetzel

“I am grateful for the education and training I received at UACCM. My degree in nursing helped me secure a job shortly after graduation.”

Montel McKey

“The small class sizes and one-on-one attention I received gave me a great foundation allowing me to receive a transfer scholarship. ”

Nate Weston

“Getting involved in UACCM's music, theatre and honor society programs helped me meet a lot of great people and made my experience here more rewarding.”

Tony Kuettle

“The Student Success Lab's trained professionals helped me excel academically and really supported me as a non-traditional student."