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Admission into the UACCM Practical Nursing (PN) program is a competitive process. A class of 24 students is started each Spring (January) and Summer (May Intersession). There are a number of steps which must be completed before a student can be considered for the PN program.

  1. Students attempting to enter a class must be admitted to the college by March 1 for the Summer semester and October 1 for the Spring semester.
  2. Placement test scores must be submitted to the Nursing Office with the application. All applicants are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) produced by Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC to be eligible for consideration. The TEAS will be offered prior to the application deadline. Students will only be allowed to take the TEAS one time per application period. Only TEAS scores given at UACCM within the last three years will be considered. The TEAS scores used from a previous application period must include all four sections. The student must be eligible to make application to the practical nursing program before making an appointment to the take the TEAS test. The student must contact the Nursing Department Administrative Specialist at 501-977-2049 to make an appointment for the TEAS test.
  3. Students must:
    1. Complete the following prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or higher prior to beginning the PN program: BIOL 2004 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BIOL 2014 Human Anatomy and Physiology II, and NUTR 1503 Nutrition. Students may be enrolled in the prerequisite courses at the time of application to the PN program.
    2. Students who score below these placement levels must complete remedial courses prior to entering the nursing program.

      19 – ACT English
      19 – ACT Reading
      16 – ACT Mathematics

      80 – COMPASS Writing
      83 – COMPASS Reading
      34 – COMPASS Pre. Algebra
      21 – COMPASS Algebra

      Remedial courses that may be required are:

      ACAD 0333 ALP English
      ACAD 0211 Reading Review
      ACAD 0324 Language Arts
      MATH 1233  Math for Technical Programs

  4. Students who have been suspended from UACCM for the possession or use of controlled substances, illicit drugs, the unlawful possession and use of alcohol will be ineligible to make application to the Practical Nursing program.
  5. Students must submit a Practical Nursing Program Application by March 1 for the Summer semester or October 1 for the Spring semester.
  6. Students who are selected for admission into the PN program must submit to the Department of Nursing a current American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers CPR card, proof of tuberculosis screening and/or tuberculosis prevention, and a completed background check. Students will be conditionally admitted to the PN program for up to two weeks, pending submittal of documents as required by the Department of Nursing. Students failing to submit the required documentation within the prescribed time period will be removed from the program. For specific certification requirements, students should consult the Nursing Department at 501-977-2049 or 501-977-2152.
  7. Students who are selected for admission into the PN program, but who do not enroll at the time of selection, must reapply for the selection process and compete for readmission.
  8. Students who are not selected as a candidate to the Practical Nursing program must submit a new application packet each semester they wish to be considered for admission to the program.

Selection of Candidates

The Practical Nursing Selection Committee is responsible for selecting the best-qualified applicants for admission to the PN program. A Practical Nurse Selection Rating Form will be used to assign points to each applicant according to the TEAS exam and education points. The Practical Nursing Selection Rating Form will be used to tabulate the points for each applicant. After the tabulation of points, the applicants will be ranked from highest to lowest. Students will be selected for admission into the program based upon the number of points received from the selection criteria. In the event of a tie, the students with the same score will be ranked according to the TEAS total points.

UACCM is committed to the elimination of all discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or handicap.  The College seeks to comply with all federal, state, and local statues and regulations, including those that promote equal protection and equal opportunities for students, employees, and applicants.

Background Check Upon Admission

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN) requires a criminal background check for all graduates applying for licensure. Graduating from a nursing program does not assure ASBN’s approval to take the licensure examination. Eligibility to take the licensure examination is dependent on meeting standards in the ASBN Nurse Practice Act and Rules. The student will be required to sign a statement, before beginning the nursing program, that states the student has read and understood ACA §17-87-312 and the specific offenses which, if pleaded guilty, nolo contender, or found guilty of will make an individual ineligible to receive or hold a license in Arkansas. The information can be accessed at http://www.arsbn.arkansas.gov/lawsRules/Pages/nursePracticeAct.aspx

Students will be required to complete a background check upon selection into the Practical Nursing program. Students will be conditionally admitted to the PN program for up to two weeks pending the receipt of a satisfactory background check. If the student is unsuccessful in obtaining a satisfactory background check, the student will be removed from the PN program. Students may contact the Nursing Department at 501-977-2152 for additional information.