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Academic Clemency/Forgiveness

Academic clemency-forgiveness is a provision designed to help students who, because of personal crisis, immaturity, or other exceptional circumstances, have not demonstrated their true abilities in performing college work. This provision is available to students who demonstrate acceptable academic performance following their return.

The following conditions must be met for a student to receive academic clemency/forgiveness:

  • Separation from ALL academic institutions for a period of at least three years.
  • Completion of a minimum of 12 hours of college level courses taken at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton after reentry with a 2.00 or better grade point average.
  • Formal written request submitted to the Registrar, which should include: semester(s) for which academic clemency/forgiveness is requested; an explanation for consideration; and the student’s signature and date of request.  (Selected courses in a given semester may not be excluded.)
  • Academic clemency/forgiveness can only be requested one time for up to four semesters.

Upon approval by the Registrar, the student will be granted academic clemency on credit earned as a UACCM student.

Please see the UACCM catalog for additional information.

Academic clemency/forgiveness may or may not affect a student’s financial aid eligibility

Academic Records

Students may request academic records by completing the Request Information from Academic File form.  The form can be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the following methods:

  • May pick up in person. Students must show a Photo ID if picking up a transcript or any information from academic file.
  • Mail to UACCM Registrar’s Office, 1537 University Blvd, Morrilton, AR 72110
  • Fax  to 501-354-7567
  • Email to registrar@uaccm.edu.
  • The signature on the request must match the signature in student’s academic file.  According to Federal Privacy Laws, we are required to verify a student’s signature before processing the request.
  • The request must have the student’s complete Student ID or complete SSN.  According to Federal Privacy Laws, we are required to verify a student’s Student ID or SSN before processing the request. 

Academic Standing

Academic standing covers probation, continued probation, and suspension.


A student will be placed on Academic Probation at the end of a term (fall, spring, or summer) in which the student’s term and cumulative GPA falls below a 2.00.

Continued Probation

A student will remain on probation if the term GPA is a 2.00 or above, but the cumulative GPA is still below 2.00 at the end of any term (fall, spring, or summer).


Students currently on Academic Probation that have a term and cumulative GPA below 2.00 at the end of a term (fall, spring, or summer) will be placed on Academic Suspension.  Students placed on Academic Suspension are not allowed to enroll the following semester.  However, students can appeal their Academic Suspension if they choose to do so.  For more information on this process, please visit with the Registrar’s Office.  To access the Academic Suspension Appeal Form click on the link below: https://portal.uaccm.edu/ICS/icsfs/Academic_Suspension_Appeal_Form.pdf?target=7ea9098c-1f8c-4181-a350-928a80ef8c1e.

Second Suspension

Students who have been suspended two or more times will have to appeal for re-admittance to UACCM.  To access the Academic Suspension Appeal Form, click on the link above.  For more information regarding Second Suspension, please visit with the Registrar’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Probation, Continued Probation, and Suspension

  • Probation is only a warning status.  
  • Continued Probation tells students that they are improving, but there is still room for improvement.
  • Students who appeal their suspension appeal to a committee made up of faculty and staff members.  This committee meets at the end of the fall and spring semester and several times during the summer. 
  • Students on probation, continued probation, suspension or second suspension status are notified by mail.
  • The difference between suspension and second suspension is that a student must appeal before being allowed to return to UACCM for a second suspension.
  • For a first suspension a student may either sit the semester out, or he or she can appeal to the Academic Standards Committee.

Calculating Your GPA

Term GPA is calculated by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of credit hours completed.  The term GPA includes developmental credit.

Calculating a Cumulative GPA is a simple process of dividing Points by the Divisor.  Grades of AU, CR, P and NC, as well as developmental credit, are excluded from both the points and the divisor.

Attempted Hours

Credit hours for which students earn a grade (excluding grades of AU, P or W).

Credit Hours

The hours assigned to a course.  This number is listed in both the schedule of classes and the catalog and is usually 1 to 5 hours.


Number of (college level) attempted hours at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton (excluding courses with grades of AU, CR, P or NC).

Earned Hours

Credit hours passed with a grade of D or higher. Pre-college courses such as remedial or developmental courses, are not included in Earned Hours but are used in calculating the term GPA. Transfer credit is not considered in determining the GPA for UACCM.

Grade Value

The numerical value assigned to a grade:

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points 
  • Grade of “I” is also assigned a 0 point value. 


Number of credit hours for a course times the grade value.


When a course in which the student received a substandard grade is repeated, only the last completion will be used in calculation of Cumulative GPA.

Change of Major                      

Students desiring to change a previously-declared career or degree program should submit a completed and signed Change of Major Form to the Registrar’s Office.  Signature on the request must match the signature in student’s academic file. The form can be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the following methods:

Course Add/Withdrawal

Adding a Class

Students can only add classes during the scheduled registration times.  This must be done through the advising center or with their advisor.

Complete Withdrawal

Students who choose not to attend the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton after they have enrolled in courses must officially withdraw.  Failure to officially withdraw may result in the student receiving failing grades and having financial charges applied to the student’s account. 

Dropping a Class

Students can drop a class through the Registrar’s Office. They must complete a Course Withdrawal Form before a class can be dropped. Once the semester has begun, students must complete the following steps to withdraw:

  1. Complete the student portion (top half) of the Course Withdrawal Form.
  2. For complete withdrawals, students must return any outstanding materials and obtain a signature from the Library. This signature is not required on partial drops.
  3. Students with financial aid (loans, grants, or scholarships) must obtain a signature from the Financial Aid Office.
  4. Students must obtain a signature from Student Accounts personnel who can also answer any questions pertaining to refund dates.
  5. Return the form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. 

Students may be dropped with a 100% refund in tuition and fees by submitting a Course Withdrawal Form or written request to the Registrar’s by the last business day prior to the beginning of the term.  The only signature required is the student.

The Registrar’s Office will NOT COMPLETE the withdrawal until the Registrar's Office receives a completed signed request.

Last dates to withdraw can be found in the front of the UACCM Catalog, on the Academic Calendar, and on the Registrar’s Portal.     

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Course Add/Withdrawal

  • When students drop a class, the grade of a “W” will appear on their UACCM transcript.  Even though this appears on their transcript, it does not calculate in their GPA. 
  • “W” means that the student initiated the drop.  “AW” means that the instructor initiated the drop.   “AW” does not calculate into the GPA.
  • When a student drops a class once the semester has begun, the cashier’s office must sign the form.  If the student has financial aid, the financial aid office must sign the form, and if it is a complete drop, the library must also sign the form.

Enrollment / Degree Verification


Students needing verification of enrollment at UACCM, should submit the form below. This form requires the student’s signature and can be faxed or mailed. Students may also pick up a verification in the Registrar’s office by showing their photo ID.

Certification of Enrollment Request


To conveniently serve companies/organizations needing enrollment/degree awarded data, UACCM has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for around the clock verification accessibility.

You may also contact the Clearinghouse by:

Transfer Credit

Degree seeking students must provide official transcripts from every college/university attended.   Once transfer credit has been evaluated, student’s may view the unofficial transcript on Campus Connect as well as Degree Audit.

  • UACCM will recognize transfer credit from a U.S. institution provided that the institution is accredited by one of the six U.S. regional accreditation associations. 
  • UACCM will accept courses that are approved for transfer by ADHE through the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS). The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) provides comparable course information to facilitate student transfer within the Arkansas public colleges and universities.  Additional information and the list of courses that transfer between institutions can be found on the ACTS website.   
  • Transfer credit for coursework from institutions outside the U.S. will be considered on an individual basis. Students seeking transfer of credit from a foreign college/university must complete a credential evaluation through a company authorized by the UACCM Registrar’s Office.

The following are not accepted for general transfer credit:

  • Courses taken at a non-accredited school or one whose accreditation is not recognized
  • Remedial / developmental / pre-college level courses
  • Professional development courses
  • Continuing education units

Transfer Credit

The Registrar’s Office will award one the Admissions Office receives the transcript.  The Registrar’s office will only award transfer credit from accredited institutions for courses with grades of “C” or better.  Although accepted by UACCM, a transfer credit may not be applicable toward degree requirements for your specific major.

Grade of “D” Transfer

Students may request up to six hours of a grade of “D” to be transferred from another accredited institution.  There is a Grade of “D” Transfer Request Form that students must complete.  For more information, please see the Registrar’s Office regarding guidelines for this process.  To assess the form, click on the link below.  http://www.uaccm.edu/Current_Student/Registrar/Grade_D_Transfer_Request_Form.pdf

Other Types of Credit Accepted

AP Credit

High School students who have participated in The College Board’s AP Program may receive college credit by attaining UACCM’s AP qualifying score.   

CLEP Credit

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows students to earn credit towards completion of a certificate and/or degree at UACCM.  

Departmental Exam

Students may receive credit for technical course by successfully completing the departmental exam for a course. 

Prior Learning Credit

Students are given the opportunity to receive academic credit from seminars or specialized training, including military training. 

Articulated Credit

High school students taking career and technical education courses in high school may receive credit if they earn a “B” or higher in courses that have been articulated between UACCM and their high school.  

For more information on transfer credit, AP, CLEP, Departmental Exams, Prior Learning for Articulated credit, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Transfer Credit

  • Students interested in what will transfer to UACCM from other Arkansas institutions can check out the Arkansas Course Transfer Systems (ACTS).  This page is accessible from the hope page of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.  The web address is http://acts.adhe.edu.   This is the best source of information on course equivalencies for students.  Students may click on the “Course Transfer (ACTS) link and the “Student” link to compare courses from any two public institutions in the state.
  • Accreditations that UACCM accepts are:  EH (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), M (Middle States Associations of Colleges and Schools), NH (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools), NW (Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities), SC (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), WC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), and WJ (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).
  • Only six hours of “D’s” may be transferred.
  • AP and CLEP credit cannot be accepted on a high school or college transcript.  The Registrar’s Office must see the official scores.
  • There is a fee for departmental exams.  Students must pay the fee at the Cashier’s window before taking the departmental exam.  Please check with the Cashier’s window regarding fees for the exams.
  • Students must request Articulated Credit within 15 months after graduation from high school.  Students requesting credit must visit with Linda Jaramillo, Director of Academic Initiatives. 
  • Technical Courses are normally not transferable.  Students must request technical hours through the division chair for the student’s major.  Only general education courses are transferred through the Registrar’s Office.  For questions regarding transfer courses, students should visit with the Registrar’s Office.

Transcript Request

We now offer multiple ways of requesting a transcripts.

Electronic requests to eSCRIP-SAFE (for paper or electronic emailed transcripts.)

The charge for using the convenient on-line ordering system is $2.00 per delivery location, and an extra $3.00 for an electronic “emailed” version.   To order your transcript using the on-line method, please use this link: https://iwantmytranscript.com/uaccm

In Person

Request at the Registrar’s Office in room 215 of the University Center Building. To pick up paper transcripts, students must show a Photo ID. There is no charge for this type of request.

For pick up by another

The person picking up the transcript must provide a Transcript Request Form or authorization form signed by the student giving them permission to pick up the transcript.  They must also show a Photo ID at time of pick-up.  There is no charge for this type of request.

Request by fax or mail

Complete and sign a Transcript Request Form and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.  There is no charge for this type of request.

  • Mail to Office of the Registrar, 1537 University Blvd., Morrilton, AR 72110
  • Fax  to 501-354-7567

All electronic “emailed” transcripts must be requested through the eSCRIP-SAFE ordering system.  Transcripts mailed or submitted electronically to the receiving institution are classified as “official.”  Transcripts faxed or printed from Campus Connect are classified as “unofficial.”

The signature on the request must match the signature in student’s academic file.  According to Federal Privacy Laws, we are required to verify a student’s signature before processing the request.

Requests must have the student’s complete Student ID or complete SSN.  According to Federal Privacy Laws, we are required to verify a student’s Student ID or SSN before processing the request. 

Request forms will not be processed for students who have holds on their accounts.