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Public Safety Department/Campus Police

The UACCM Office of Public Safety is located in the Public Safety Building just west of the Kirk Building. Campus police officers patrol the campus in an effort to provide a safe educational setting. Campus police officers are certified law enforcement officials and are on the campus to assist and protect students, employees, and approved visitors. Should you need the assistance of a campus police officer, contact Public Safety at (501) 208-7377.


The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton strives to provide a safe, secure, and orderly environment for students, faculty, staff, and guests. Campus safety is dependent on everyone. Students are encouraged to report crimes, suspicious people, or suspicious activities to the campus police officers. The College publishes an annual Campus Safety Report by October 1 of each year which contains statistics and a description of the efforts to promote campus safety and ways to report crimes or suspicious activities. The report is available to prospective students, enrolled students, faculty, and staff online at www.uaccm.edu or from the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.

Security Awareness & Crime Prevention Programs

The Department of Public Safety compiles campus crime statistics and these statistics are distributed electronically annually to students and employees. Should potentially dangerous situations occur, they will be communicated to students through Emergency Alert System. Campus crime statistics are available online at www.uaccm.edu or from the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.

Federal law requires that colleges maintain a list of any sex offenders employed by the college or attending the college and make this list available to individuals as needed. If any sex offenders become affiliated with the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton, a record of their level of offense and their affiliation will be maintained in the Vice Chancellor for Student Services’ Office, 1537 University Blvd., Morrilton, Arkansas 72110. The Notification of Sexual Offender Review Committee will determine distribution of information regarding sexual offenders.