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Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Technical Certificate in Surveying will be able to:

  • Perform plane surveying computations.
  • Use the basic features of Carlson Survey software.
  • Use basic surveying tools.

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  • Preparation in math, science, and computer technology is recommended.
  • Students should take all remedial courses early in order to focus on degree-required classes in later semesters.
  • Students should take classes when offered as some classes are only offered certain semesters.
  • Students should plan electives early to insure completion of courses within the desired time frame.


Students should complete Introduction to Computers, math requirement, Introduction to CAD and Surveying Software, Plane Surveying, and Calculator Solutions during the first semester after completing remedial courses.


Students receiving a technical certificate in Surveying are prepared for entry-level positions in surveying and civil engineering companies.

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