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Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Certificate of Proficiency in Emergency Medical Technician will be able to:

Effective Communication

  • Communicate ideas clearly and effectively in verbal format.

Information Literacy

  • Analyze information through the use of appropriate technologies.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

  • Solve problems verbally, graphically, symbolically, or numerically.

EMT Skills

  • Recognize the nature and seriousness of the patient’s condition.
  • Administer appropriate emergency medical care.
  • Handle the patient to minimize discomfort and prevent further injury.
  • Perform emergency medical care safely and effectively.

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  • Students required to take remedial courses must follow the UACCM Student Success Plan.
  • Students will be required to complete 16 hours in the ER at CHI St. Vincent Morrilton, 14 ambulance rides at Med-Tech EMS, and one Saturday class on Extrication.
  • Students will be required to have a uniform (information provided during first class).


  • Students must complete admission requirements of the College.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Current AHA Healthcare Providers CPR certification is required and must not expire before class ends. Students enrolled in the program will be required to have malpractice insurance.
  • TB screening/clearance
  • Shot record including flu shot.
  • Criminal background check will be done in class.
  • All remedial courses must be completed prior to EMT 1008 if placement scores indicate it is required.


Graduates are employed as:

  • Emergency Medical Technicians

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