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Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively using a diverse range of tools and methods including: printed materials, interpersonal relations, oral presentations, and presentation graphics.
  • Use spreadsheet software to create and update spreadsheets, maintain statistical data, and prepare financial reports.
  • Use problem-solving techniques, basic math skills, and available technology to solve business-related problems.
  • Use database management software to enter and edit data, manipulate the data, and present data.
  • Develop and improve professional strengths such as teamwork, time management, business ethics, and leadership skills.

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UACCM awards an Associate of Applied Science in Business degree. The AAS in Business degree provides a foundation to prepare students to enter the workforce.


  • Students required to take remedial courses must follow the UACCM Student Success Plan.
  • Students should take classes when offered as some classes are only offered certain semesters.
  • Students should plan electives early to ensure completion of courses within the desired time frame.
  • Students should plan to study two hours per week for every one hour in class.


Academically challenging courses give you the communication, analytical, teamwork, and leadership skills needed to move into supervisory management trainee positions, small business ownership, sales, and other related careers.


Graduates who complete the business administrative technology option are employed as:

  • Accounting assistants
  • Accounts payable clerks
  • Accounts receivable clerks
  • Bank employees
  • Payroll clerks

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